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Capacity building and knowledge Exchange


Work Package(WP3) will assess the knowledge requirements of men and women smallholders, identify and train champion or lead farmers, engage the private sector and establish VKCs in the pilot areas. It will establish VKCs as the launch pad for establishing AE frameworks derived from WP1 and validated by WP2, and activities on the grounds of CSA by assessing region-specific needs of people through ICT. The needs assessment would be primarily targeted towards farmers, but would encompass people that are dependent on agriculture in the study areas through the vistas of intensifying sustainability. Training programs through ICT tools and ensuring the core functioning of the VKCs would be further streamlined in identifying farmers enthused in AE, and CSA concepts thereby epitomizing them in taking the lead. Establishing linkages with several leading institutions (public/private) in clustering the resources and manpower to promote the knowledge needs identified and validated through multitudinal sources.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway/ the Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi