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30 May

“Any detail is a call away” say farmers of Golaghat district, Assam MSSRF ICT support provides more ‘Resilience’ in lockdown

May 28, 2020: During the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown, farmers moved to using ICT as a method to obtain useful information about issues related to farming. While phones provide information on various topics, there are areas where farmers need expert guidance. Considering the value of accurate information for farmers, MSSRF held a series of ICT-based programs on key issues including pest / disease infestation, market and weather.

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29 Apr

CoVid 19 - Rapid assessment of Odisha and Assam

The biotic and abiotic risk in farming is quite high in the study areas of both Assam (Sibsagar and Golaghat district ) and Odisha  

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23 Apr

Odisha farmers effectively used Mobile Phone to access necessary information and advisories during COVID 19 Lockdown period

The use of mobile phones by the farmers to access the necessary information and knowledge services to strengthen their livelihoods are increasing. It supports the farmers to access timely agro-advisories, market and weather-related information etc,. from the experts and government officials. During this lockdown period, maintaining physical distance is one of the key strategies practised to contain the disease.

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07 Jan

Farmer led field demonstrations initiated in several RESILIENCE project sites

Preparations have been completed for the second round of demonstrations of farmer led climate smart rice-based technologies (climate resilient rice varieties, tolerant to flood and drought, SRI method, direct seeding, mechanization etc) in Assam and Odisha project sites undertaken by AAU, OUAT, IWMI, NRRI, MSSRF and NIBIO teams. The emphasis will be on sustainable intensification, need based inputs (fertilizer, water) and reducing the use of chemicals for controlling pest and disease by promoting IPM.

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