25 Apr

FOLU team visited to RESILIENCE project site at Cuttack, Odisha

The Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU) and RESILIENCE projects team members continued the interactions on 19th April 2022 at the Cuttack field site. The team interacted with the men and women farmers, scientists of the National Rice Research Institute (NRRI) and developmental researchers of the M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation at Badakusunpur and Abhayapur villages in Cuttack district.

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21 Apr

Learning Exchanges – FOLU and RESILIENCE team at Ganjam District in Odisha

The Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU) and RESILIENCE projects team members had an interaction to exchange their learning experiences in building the sustainable food systems on 18th April 2022. The team interacted with the men and women farmers, scientists of KVKs of Ganjam-1 and 2, researchers of OUAT and developmental professionals of M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation at Chikrada and Chandapur villages in Ganjam district.

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24 Mar

Partners meeting held on 16th March 2022

The half-yearly progress cum review meeting was held on 16th March 2022. With the relaxation of Covid -19 restrictions, partners are now able to visit the project sites and organize field activities engaging farmers.

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31 Jan

Building Resilient Farming Systems – Role of Champion farmers in strengthening Horizontal Knowledge Transfer

Today, farmers, particularly smallholders, face many constraints and challenges in their farming issues. Climate change is one of the main drivers that is adversely affecting the crop production especially in Climate Hotspots.. To overcome the main challenges of climate change, enhancing the capacity of the smallholders to adopt Climate-smart technologies are crucial. The “Resilience” project is taking efforts to build the adaptive capacity of the men and women farmers through continuous capacity building to adapt to the changing climatic conditions coupled with market and other drivers.

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17 Nov

The Smart tech Farmers Producers Company Ltd bagged Apollo krishi Alert Award 2021 under Digital Services Category

The Smart Tech Farmers Producers Company Ltd,.Ganjam, Odisha received Apollo Krishi Alert Award 2021 for promoting digital technology on 13 November 2021.The award function was organised virtually by MANAGE,ICAR, NITI Aayog, APEDA with the support of ACE,TAFE,NEW HOLLAND,FMC,BAYER and APOLLO Tyres. Mr Rabindra Behera, facilitator received the award on behalf of the FPO.

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15 May

Mobile Based Helpline services in Enhancing the Uptake of Climate Smart Agriculture Technologies

It is clearly evident that climate change is seriously affecting the farming community and agriculture production in India. Small holders are the most vulnerable to changing climate and variability and facing both abiotic and biotic risks in production.

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21 Apr

Farmer Producer Organizations to improve value chains and smallholder adaptation to climate change

Farming communities in Ganjam district of Odisha state have been facing climate risks from variations in rainfall pattern, high temperature and increasing high intensity tropical cyclones. The impacts of such climate risks compounded by the pre-existing vulnerabilities make farming unstable and unviable among smallholders. Eighty percent of the people in the district depend primarily on agriculture and 88% of the farmers are smallholders. Paddy, maize, finger millet, grain legumes, sesame, groundnut and vegetables are the important crops grown in the area.

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15 Apr

Integrated Farming systems - Potential Climate Resilient Pathway for Small holders in climate risk prone regions in Assam

Building the capacity of men and women farmers on Integrated Farming System (IFS) and promoting its adoption is one of the climate resilient pathways in the RESILIENCE project. In the conventional farming, mono cropping of paddy and vegetables are largely cultivated without much integration to other allied enterprises. Hence farmers have been facing the risk in production due to the increasing climate risks, seasonal flooding and droughts.

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18 Mar

Sharing of RESILIENCE Project Learning's with policy makers and farmers at an agricultural exhibition

Odisha University of Agriculture Technology (OUAT), Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) and M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) have shared the hands-on experiences on building the resilience capacity of men and women farmers in the District level Krushi Odisha Agriculture Exhibition at Ganjam District. The programme was organised by the Department of agriculture, Govt. of Odisha, organised for four days from 15th to 19th March 2021.

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This project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway/ the Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi