Farmers showcase solar innovations to Norwegian Embassy delegates

The Resilience Project has been implemented in Ganjam and Cuttack sites in Odisha by OUAT, NRRI, MSSRF, IWMI, and NIBIO, Norway, with funding support from the Norwegian embassy. Many Climate Smart Agriculture Technologies have been successfully demonstrated under this project, and efforts are being made to upscale these successful interventions in other areas with the support of line departments. One of the successful interventions under this project is the use of solar energy. Solar energy can play a crucial role in climate-resilient agriculture by providing sustainable and reliable power sources for irrigation, cooling, and processing equipment, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy independence.

OUAT and KVKs have successfully promoted capacity building for farmers with the support of the project partners. Farmers, OUAT and KVK scientists have demonstrated solar interventions including solar pump sets, solar insect light traps, solar sprayers, solar jhatka machines for wild animal control, and mulching in vegetables during the visit of the Norway embassy delegates Beate Langest, Counsellor, Suresh Mathavan, Advisor, Dr. Udaya Sekhar Nagothu, Project Coordinator, and Katrine, Communication Officer, to the project site on March 29th, 2023. The team appreciated the interventions and suggested taking efforts to sustain and upscale with the support of government departments.