Norwegian Embassy Team Assesses Progress of Resilience Project in Assam

The Norwegian Embassy's delegates, Ms. Marit Strand, Ms. Beate Langset and Mr. Suresh MathevanAdvisor (Environment, Energy & Climate) visited Assam on November 2-4, 2022 to observe the progress of the RESILIENCE project. They met with the Vice-Chancellor and Director of Research at Assam Agriculture University in Jorhat and visited project sites in Golaghat and Sivasagar districts. During their visit, they observed a plant clinic session in Gomariguri village and interacted with farmers to learn about the benefits they have received from the project. They also visited a Purple Rice variety cultivation plot using the row planting method, a Lemon Papaya Orchard, and a rice cultivation plot of the Numoli variety, which is grown for seed production under the Smart Seed Production System. Additionally, they saw the Custom Hiring Centre established through the FPO and learned about its benefits for small and marginal farmers. 

The team visited the Raghubari Fishery and rice cultivation unit in the Raghubari village of Sivasagar district. Also, observed Climate Smart Rice varieties such as Ranjit Sub 1 and Sraboni. They also viewed an Integrated Farming System Model established in Ujjoni Bhorolua Village, which included components such as goat farming, pig farming, beekeeping, vermicomposting, mushroom cultivation, fishery, and duck farming. After the field visit, the team visited the Village Knowledge Center and observed its activities, including the usage of digital tools to connect farmers with experts. They also interacted with farmers, both men and women, who shared how the Village Knowledge Center was helpful in providing them with updated and real-time information related to Climate-Smart Agriculture and government entitlements. The team was accompanied by project partners from institutions such as the National Rice Research Institute, Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, International Water Management Institute, M S Swaminathan Research Foundation, and the Norwegian Institute of Bio-economy Research. The visit was facilitated by Dr. Sanjay Kumar Chetia, Chief Scientist at Assam Agricultural University, and his team.

A review meeting was held at the Jorhat campus of the Assam Agricultural University, where all project partners presented their progress and achievements. The meeting was attended by project stakeholders, officials from the Department of Agriculture, the Director of the Assam Seed and Organic Certification Agency, scientists from KVKs, and the Principal of Dikhowmukh College, who had also participated in the field visit.

The team was pleased with the outcome of the project interventions and the accomplishments achieved. They urged for the expansion of the effective CSA techniques to other regions, with the cooperation of key partners and relevant government departments.