Developing base line scenarios in Assam and Odisha states

RESILIENCE project is undertaking a large survey in four districts of Assam (Golaghat and Sibsagar) and Odisha (Cuttack and Ganjam) to assess the current status of climate change vulnerability and adaptation.

To assess the current situation in the project villages in Assam and Odisha state with regard to vulnerability of smallholders and agriculture sector to climate and economic changes, and the impact on food and nutrition security, structured socio-economic household survey is being carried out. Survey is being conduted in total of 32 village (16 in each state) including both project and control villages. In total, about ~ 1600 farmers would be covered. Prior to carrying out main survey, the project team carried out census of households in villages. Census data is used to stratify respondent farmers for main survey.

Survey would collect response on range of socio-techno-economic parameters including demographic data, land holding, cropping pattern, crop production, wealth indicators, income, agricultural inputs and marketing, climate shocks experience, climate change perception, government climate change adaptation initiatives, credit access, social capital and gender and youth participation in different activities.

The data from the survey will help to develop the base line indicators in the project areas which would be used to measure the impact of the project, understand the climate change vulnerability at the household level and investigate the coping strategies adopted by farmers, gaps and opportunities, and farmer needs to reduce the level of vulnerability.