Inauguration of Community Managed Village Knowledge Centres in the districts of Sivasagar and Golaghat, Assam

The Village Knowledge Centres (VKC) was inaugurated 15th March 2019 in Dikhoumukh village of Sivasagar District and on 16th in Merapani village of Golaghat District in partnership with Dikhoumukh college and Chawdung Pather, Farmers Producer Company respectively. Dr. S. Lakshmanan, IAS, Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate, Sivasagar District and Mr. Nobin chandra Bora, District Agriculture Officer has inaugurated the VKCs respectively in Dikhoumukh and Merapani villages.

The main purpose of the VKC is to provide scientific and locale specific information and knowledge on the demands of men and women farmers and agricultural labourers related to Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Health and Nutrition, Employment, Education and Govt. entitlements etc. The centre envisaged to adopt multi-pronged communication strategies including mobile applications, tele/video conferences, plant clinics and social media will be used to disseminate dynamic and static information and knowledge for timely decision making and help small holding farmers/labourers to prevent the risks of economic loss in their livelihoods. A cadre of volunteers from the community has been identified and trained to act as a knowledge worker to steer the process of understanding the knowledge needs of the community and disseminating the same by networking with related knowledge partners. They will take special efforts to reach out women and other marginalized sections of the community in accessing the facility. Community participation is ensured to co-own the process by signing on MoU with the respective institutions. During the inauguration around 800 people participated.