Farmer led field demonstrations initiated in several RESILIENCE project sites

Preparations have been completed for the second round of demonstrations of farmer led climate smart rice-based technologies (climate resilient rice varieties, tolerant to flood and drought, SRI method, direct seeding, mechanization etc) in Assam and Odisha project sites undertaken by AAU, OUAT, IWMI, NRRI, MSSRF and NIBIO teams. The emphasis will be on sustainable intensification, need based inputs (fertilizer, water) and reducing the use of chemicals for controlling pest and disease by promoting IPM. On farm demonstrations not only provide real time data on the performance of the technologies but also an opportunity for farmer to farmer exchange of knowledge which can be effective in motivating other farmers to take up the new technologies.

The project will test Android based Nitrogen App developed by NRRI team for the first time in field conditions. According to the Project Coordinator Dr. Udaya Sekhar Nagothu, the project will put emphasis on promoting digital agriculture amongst farmers, especially women and youth during the second year. ICT based extension approaches supported by Village Knowledge Centres (VKCs) will be actively used during the second year. VKCs in all the four project districts have been instrumental in capacity building of farmers and stakeholders.

The challenge is to integrate government departments that is necessary for scaling up successful project results. This is one of the primary goals of the project that needs more attention in the future.