CoVid 19 - Rapid assessment of Odisha and Assam

The biotic and abiotic risk in farming is quite high in the study areas of both Assam (Sibsagar and Golaghat district ) and Odisha  (Ganjam and Cuttack district) under the on-going context of climate variability and change. The COVID 19 has adversely affected the livelihoods of small holders mainly by disrupting the supply chains and markets. As the current season is the critical one for the farmers which is the main cash crop in the whole cropping system, the interruption will have repercussions in the investment for the succeeding season and household food and nutrition security. The RESILIENCE project team conducted a rapid assessment of the farmers' needs in coping up the current crisis and ensuring support to the forthcoming season as a midterm restoration strategy.

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Impact of COVID -19 on local agriculture and farm based livelihoods in Resilience project sites, Assam

Impact of CoVid 19 in Cuttack and Ganjam project sites of Odisha